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Welcome To On Point Goaltending

Private Training


Welcome to On Point Goaltending! We train youth hockey goalies and try to add to the unique community of hockey.

On Point Goaltending is run by Kevin Dawdy. Once a rep goalie in the Brantford Minor Hockey Association, Kevin now enjoys passing his love of the sport on to new and aspiring young goaltenders.

On Point Goaltending originally started out in the summer of 2015 as part of the Ontario Summer Company program and has been growing steadily ever since. We offer private, semi-private, team, camp, and clinic services. We also give each goaltender that does private and semi-private training personalized video analysis.

Thinking about becoming a goalie? Call, text or email or sign up for a lesson with the button below.

Cell phone: (226)-388-3823

Email: onpointgoaltending@gmail.com

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I firmly believe that the key to success is deeply rooted in strong basics. My goal is to show every goalie I meet that hard work and the ability to want to learn more can yield amazing results.
Kevin Dawdy

Personal Trainer, On Point Goaltending


Hats ($30)

Junior & Senior

Jerseys ($30)

Black & White

Mugs ($5)



Semi-Private Session ($70)

Semi-Private lessons offer a great way for goalie partners to practice together. You will get all of the benefits of private lessons such as a full 60 minute hour, as well as individualized video review. On Point Goaltending does not match goalies together to make semi-private lessons, you must come with a goalie partner for this kind of a session. We will also attempt to acquire an extra shooter if requested, although this is an additional cost. 

Teams (Varies)

Team sessions are usually set up by a coach or staff member of a team. This is an excellent way for a team to invest in their goaltenders and assure that they are not left out of the development process. The ice must be provided by the team. Prices vary based on travel distance, and the age of the goalies. Please either call or email to inquire further.


Camps (Varies)

Goalie camps are usually several days long and may incorporate more that just on-ice activities. On Point Goaltending does not currently have their own camps. If you’re inquiring about setting up a goalie camp for your hockey association. 


Clinics (Varies)

Goalie clinics are usually spaced out events (sometimes over the course of several weeks or months), and they typically only address on-ice activities. If you’re inquiring about setting up a goalie clinic for your hockey association.


Game Analysis ($30)

Rent out the GoPro for your child’s game. Once the GoPro is returned, the footage will be processed and analyzed giving you a trainers perspective on your game play performance. You will be required to make sure that you are getting good footage.

Pricing & Contact

Payment Methods


All payments are acceptable (Credit, Debit or Cash)

Payments are to be made at the session.

All cheques are to be made out to On Point Goaltending.

We are also able to make invoices for teams, clinic and camps.


Small Ice Prices


The small ice surface is 22′ x 32′ and offer a compelling area for 1-on-1 training. This surface has ample room all the skating movements that we practice as goalies as well as various drills. Pricing is as follows for the Small Ice:

1-on-1 (Private) – Full 60 minute hour – Personalized video review 

1-on-2 (Semi-Private) – Full 60 minute hour – Personalized video review (you must bring a goalie partner for 2-on-2 sessions)


Large Ice Surface


The large ice is a real treat for 1-on-1, however this surface is more suited for multiple goalies. The Large Ice is 35′ x 45′. Stretch out, and take advantage of the extra space offered here. Pricing for the Large Ice is as follows:

1-on-1 – Full 60 minute hour – Personalized video review 

1-on-2 – Full 60 minute hour – Personalized video review (You must bring a goalie partner)


To Contact On Point Goaltending...

If you want to book a session with On Point Goaltending’s Kevin Dawdy, fill out the form above. He will schedule the ice as well as handle payments.


Cro's Ice Nest

On Point Goaltending is located 1306 Colborne St E, Brantford, ON N3R 0C3. On Point Goaltending does not own the Cro’s Ice Nest, we simply rent the facilities.

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