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One Participant

01. Private Lessons

One on One Lessons. Our private lessons, led by skilled instructors, ensure a one-on-one focus tailored to your unique goals. We conduct a strategic assessment to customize a training plan, combining skill coordination and advanced techniques to collaboratively propel you towards hockey mastery and surpass expectations.

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Two Participants

02. Semi-Private

One instructor and two participants, our sessions at Cro’s Ice Nest offer a dynamic opportunity for family members or friends to share the ice, infusing training sessions with a friendly competitive spirit. Through innovative drill variations, we cater to participants of different levels simultaneously, ensuring a versatile and engaging learning experience for everyone on the ice.

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Group Session

03. Small Group

One dedicated instructor and a group of 3-4 participants, our program offers an effective approach to teach universal skills. Harnessing the power of friendly competition, participants inspire one another, fostering a supportive environment that encourages everyone to strive for their personal best.

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Private Lessons


Dedicated to Your Success: Our private hockey lessons offer a personalized journey with a skilled instructor guiding each session, ensuring a one-on-one focus tailored to your unique goals.

Strategic Assessment: We meticulously evaluate your objectives, aligning our coaching approach with your aspirations. This careful analysis allows us to craft a customized training plan that maximizes your strengths and addresses areas for improvement.

Skill Coordination: Our expert instructors coordinate with you to understand your current skill set, creating a seamless connection between your abilities and our coaching strategies. This ensures a targeted and effective enhancement of your hockey skills.

Customized Development: Through a combination of specially designed drills and advanced techniques, we work collaboratively to elevate your existing skills. Our goal is not only to meet but exceed your expectations, propelling you towards mastery in the sport.

Elevate Your Game: Join us for a transformative coaching experience where every lesson is designed to bring you closer to your hockey goals. With our private sessions, your success becomes our shared mission.



Experience the camaraderie of our exclusive sessions at Cro’s Ice Nest, where one skilled instructor guides two participants, creating a perfect opportunity for family members or friends to share the ice together. This dynamic setting not only fosters a sense of teamwork but also introduces a friendly competitive spirit to the training, making each session both enjoyable and motivating. What sets us apart is our ability to seamlessly teach participants of varying skill levels simultaneously, employing a creative array of drills and innovative methods tailored to each individual’s proficiency. Join us for a unique and engaging ice experience that accommodates diverse participant levels, ensuring a personalized and effective learning environment for everyone involved.

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3-4 Skaters


In our exclusive program, a single dedicated instructor oversees a small, tightly-knit group comprising 3-4 participants, ensuring a focused and personalized approach to skill development. This intimate setting fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging mutual learning among participants as they work together towards mastering the same skill set. What sets our program apart is the intentional integration of friendly competition, a motivational element that sparks individual excellence within the group. Join us for a dynamic and interactive learning experience where our instructor provides personalized attention, cultivating an ideal platform for not only skill development but also the camaraderie and friendly motivation that make the journey towards mastery both enriching and enjoyable.

What our customers are saying

Dorrett Rose
Dorrett Rose
Rob is a very good instructor and works well with kids
Coach Hannah did a great job with my girls! Great little spot for some smaller group training
Great place!
Denis West
Denis West
Great place, great prices
Joel Desjardins
Joel Desjardins
I've been going there for a few years now! My older son did enough hockey training there. My younger son learned how to skate and now is doing goalie development there! Great atmosphere and trainers make it fun for the kids! 👍👍
J & A Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
J & A Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
Great spot for learning to skate as well as advancing your skills. Kids love Rob the owner, very patient and calm while coaching.
Ray Parkin
Ray Parkin
Interesting facility, great for the kids to learn the ropes..
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