Private Hockey Lessons

Semi-Private Hockey Lessons

Small Group Hockey Lessons

Hockey Team Training

Cro’s Hockey Training Brantford.


Private Hockey Lessons

One instructor. One participant.

We assess to the participants goals, coordinate the participants skill and develop drills and techniques that enhance their current skills and lead them towards their goal.


Semi-Private Hockey Lessons

One instructor. Two participants.

A great way to have more than one family member on the ice at a time or to bring friends along to add a little competitive spirit to the training. At  Cro’s Ice Nest, we’re able to teach multiple different levels of participants at the same time with a creative use of drills or methods of doing the same drill.

Small Group Hockey Lessons

One instructor. 3-4 participants.

An excellent way to teach the same skill to everyone. Participants learn from each other and the friendly competition is used to encourage everyone to perform to the best of their ability.

Private lessons are exactly what I need.

Cro’s Hockey Training


Hockey Team Training

Cro’s Ice Nest has several ways to divide a team into small groups and rotate them thru a series of skill sessions.

Goaltenders can be on one ice pad with a skilled instructor, while the remaining players are divided into small groups and are rotated through puck control drills on the second ice pad, shooting drills in the top shot shooting room, and passing and positioning in the ball hockey rink.

After the rotations everyone meets in the ball hockey space for a fun game, a piece of pizza, and a cold drink. It’s a great way for a team to pick up that extra practice and some valuable & educational team bonding time.

Off-Site Hockey Training & Evaluations

Cro’s Ice Nest Instructors are available to attend a team practice or other training session. We can also be a third party evaluator during tryouts or run the drill sessions while the coaching staff evaluate the participants from another vantage point.

Position-Specific Hockey Training

Cro’s Ice Nest is an excellent location to provide focused training on a specific skill or position. Faceoffs are an extremely important component during any hockey game yet coaches do not like to use the large ice surface to work on this skill. It’s just not an efficient use of the full sized ice pad. Thus, an hour at Cro’s Ice Nest on the real ice is a cost effective way to work on a skill such as this.