4 on 4 March Break – Girls 12 and Older


Our 4 on 4 program is designed for fun and learning. Teams are made up as the players arrive to the arena. If the teams are uneven, we make the necessary changes during the game. Referee Rob is on the ice to ensure the skaters play fairly and in a safe manner. He will encourage the players to carry, pass, or shoot the puck when those opportunities arise and provide pointers with plenty of positive reinforcement when they make good choices. The game is 45 minutes long and only 16 players and 2 goalies will play, thus, the skaters are on the ice for a 1.5 minute shift and then off for a 1.5 minute rest before they go right back on again. (15 shifts per player).

*Only 16 spots available. 2 spots for goalies

March 11, 12, 14, 15 (Mon,Tues, Thurs, Fri) No Ice on Wednesday the 13th

4 x 45 minute games

@Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre

Girls 12+

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